Tech Charts

These are intended to look like the originals, but to be easier to read. So they are not exact copies, and they have bigger text. We have also corrected some technical errors, but no doubt introduced some of our own.  These print on 11x17 paper, but you can scale them to whatever size you like. I have found that they work best on a laser printer, as I have pushed the borders to the limits.

The "legal" versions print on two sheets of legal paper and can be used as you choose.

There is also a file for the backbox fuse strip. Print it on 11x17, then laminate it with clear packing tape - works very well. I also have versions that print on legal paper, so you can do them on your home inkjet.

My thanks to Lou for all his help in moving these along, with great checking, feedback and a bunch of keying! Also to Graham, for getting BSD together.

Verified Sheets

I am calling them verified after feedback from two users, on top of the creators.

None here yet!

I am very interested in feedback from anyone who takes the big PDF file to Kinko's and just prints a batch. Their printers may not like my border-hugging. I have found that the big HP Laserjet works well.



Reviewer Notes

I am posting these as a bug list. I will mark them when I correct them

Medieval Madness (but could apply to others) - corrected

Fuse list:
Nomenclature for F102 and F104 are reversed
F601 and F602 should be T0.315A

On the Sol/Flash table:
sol 16 should not have J134-5 in the backbox and sol 20 should
Sol 25, 26 and 27 should not have drive connections in the backbox

Lamp Matrix:
The 8th column heading should have J121-9 instead of J121-8
65 Peasants revolting needs a "!"

Switch Matrix
54 should be Bottom Jet Bumper
55 should be Right Jet Bumper
Some of the numbers are not in the far lower right corner

Twilight Zone  - corrected (standard and legal versions)

Fuse List:
Domestic line filter should be N.B. not S.B

Sol Flasher table:
Rocket kicker spelled wrong
Sol 44 should be J107-6 not J107-8

Lamp Matrix:
sw 72 should be 5 Million 2 and sw73 should be 5 Million 1

Switch Matrix:
Green and white are swapped at the top to the chart
F2 is blue-violet not black-violet
F4 is blue-gray not black-gray

Fuse Lists - corrected as needed from MM and TZ.


Solenoid Table #27 says Keft, should read Left

Flipper Circuits 29/30 should be j907-7 and 31/32 should be J907-9.

Switch Matrix 84 reads Make should be Made.




Completed - feedback appreciated!

PDF of everything

Attack from Mars in PDF (Lou)

Attack from Mars in PDF (Jeremy)

Backbox fuses (WPC-95) in PDF (updated)

Monster Bash in PDF (updated with JPT MM review fixes)

Tales of the Arabian Nights in PDF

Congo in PDF

Scared Stiff in PDF

Whirlwind -Legal in PDF

Creature - Legal in PDF

Theatre of Magic in PDF

Bram Stoker's Dracula in PDF (David)

Twilight Zone in PDF (one review complete)

No Good Gofers in PDF

Indiana Jones in pdf

Star Trek: The Next Generation in PDF

Twilight Zone - Legal in PDF (one review complete)

Medieval Madness in PDF (one review complete)

The Getaway in Word

White Water in PDF

Draft - need work

WPC Fuse List in PDF


WPC-95 Fuse List Legal in PDF (updated)