Creature Lamp Upgrade Kit


OK, I can't make a blue hologram go green. But here's a kit that will add some punch to a blue or green hologram.

What you get is the following parts:

20 watt 8 degree halogen reflector bulb
Refurbished holder with Creature-type connector
2x 1.25"x6 self-tapping screws
2x 0.7-inch spacers


This system puts a lot more energy into the hologram projector. The halogen bulb has a more focused beam, which means that more light makes it to the mirror and onto the creature hologram. It is also more efficient than the original design. the halogen lamp takes about 1.7A, compared to 2.05A for the auto bulb used in the original system.


Here are the two bulb systems side-by-side. The halogen bulb is on the left. You can see the dramatic difference in beam pattern. Here are the two projector assemblies. Here, you can see why the halogen assembly is brighter than the original auto bulb: the auto bulb sends most of its light off in unwanted direction, as the reflector has very limited coverage. the halogen bulb and reflector assembly captures far more light.
  Here are all the parts in the kit, showing how they fit together.


Assembly is straightforward.

1) Remove your projector assembly from the machine. It is held in by two cap screws, and the Molex connector to the auto bulb.

2) Remove the original lamp assembly. It is held in by two hex head screws.

3) Place the new reflector onto the wood, and mark the mounting holes. It is good to use a T-square to make sure that the bulb assembly is square to the base.

4) Drill two small pilot holes.

5) Assemble the bulb and bulb holder to the base using the 1" self-tapping screws and the aluminum spacers. Put it back in the machine, reconnect the connector.


Here's my final assembly. I placed  my bulb clear of the cardboard. Makes it easy to replace.